From idea to entry into a new building - 2 months


Construction site

Easily maintained structure can be assembled on any solid open area.

The construction is carried out according to special technical conditions for about a month, without requiring a project. The rise of the dome takes 5 hours.

No foundation required. Concrete plates are installed according to the levelling system in order to obtain a flat surface, where there will be a floor covering.

Land can be in your property or rented. The building can be
erected on any site: parking, networks, etc.


Engineering service lines

We calculate and connect the required electric power, install heating, ventilation, water supply and sewage systems. The calculation depends on the production scale and functional designation.

We have developed all the related equipment: sanitary stations, boilers and boiler rooms, air conditioning systems, ventilation, electrical panels, as well as entrance and engineering groups. We make a full installation cycle and help with paperwork.


Dome construction

The upper part of the structure is a multilayer PVC fabric. This fabric was developed at EnCata by its own technology. It has a high density (900 g/m2), light transmittance and equipped with UV stabilizers. The fabric reflects infrared rays, does not sustain combustion (flammability group G1). Reinforced PVC fabric does not require surface treatment, additional care and costs.

In the process of soldering, cylinders are formed, which are filled with air. The complete set of such products is supplemented with a system of air pumping and duplication of fans with online control and noise reduction. There is also an armour of power supply from the generator. The armour is capable of operating in emergency mode when power is cut off.


Facilities construction and design

The design project includes a floor plan with the ability to select the type of flooring, inflatable partitions, as well as prefabricated units: meeting rooms and cabinets of different sizes, noise-sensitive portable capsules.

Each building has entrance groups. We design and install stained glass windows and the light stanchion for natural and artificial light.


Life support systems

The building is fitted with technical systems for the best working conditions.

Building functions and the number of people inside affect the calculation and design of air flow systems, air conditioning and space heating.