Quick-mounting construction
with equipped internal environment

Quick-mounting construction with
equipped internal environment.
Ready-for-use construction in 2 months

Better than conventional solutions

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It is more cost-effective to build your own construction than to rent one.

In the long-term ownership of facility used to produce services and products provides long-term sustainability, lower expenses & long-term value for all stakeholders.

2 months – and entry!

It takes about 2 months from signing a contract to entering into new construction.

Specific time of customized design and installation of Fir Tech depends on existing utilities and permitting process in the specific jurisdiction.

Fir Tech construction is portable: you choose a place yourself

Each Fir Tech construction is portable irrespective of the size or configuration. One can simply pick it up and move. On average it takes about a month to relocate.

Fir project was created by Encata Engineering Catalyst and its Design Engineering department with experience in various scientific fields and countries.

Fir Tech is not just construction, but a complete solution and ecological environment for business. We have worked and adapted the standard technology, made it modular and convenient for companies from different industries.
We customize the building and its interior fit-out, focusing on the needs of each entrepreneur.

How we are working

After receiving your application, we will call you for further details in order to prepare a business proposal with a building project and final cost.








Constructing portable life support systems


Constructing Engineering Buildings and Partitioning systems

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Yes, wind load up to 30 m/s will not disturb the construction.
Building is fully functional when is used in climate between - 50°C to 70°C.
20 years. It is corrosion resistant material, which contains UV stabilizers to counteract the harmful effects of UV rays.
All used materials are corrosion and fire resistant.
The walls filled with air are 2.5 m thick. Air is sound and heat insulator.
The fir.tech is inflated once and for all. The pumping system is turned once per hour for a minute to support the construction. Therefore, operating costs are commensurate with traditional brick buildings both in summer and winter.
The deflation of the structure takes 3-4 days to complete. The 5.5 kW compressor unit is turned on every hour for 1 minute to compensate the natural diffusion of air through the fabric. Further, if there physical holes in the structure it does not affect building functionality. Maintenance can be performed while building is operational. Even if air pump system is disconnected by elicit act or nature, building does not collapse, allowing for the opportunity to fix an issue.
The building is fully functional even if there are holes in fabric.
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