Manufacturing of fast-erecting pneumatic frame buildings
for your business.
About us
"TheFir.Tech" is the pneumatic structures of our time. We are an innovative company specializing in the development, production, and installation of these structures worldwide.

Our company focuses on creating advanced, high-quality, and reliable pneumatic constructions for diverse applications, with endless variations to meet any requirements.
  • In-house development
    Discover unprecedented heights with our cutting-edge proprietary designs! Our team of engineers and designers boasts extensive experience in crafting innovative pneumatic structures. We tailor unique, customized projects, paying attention to every detail as per our clients' requirements. Our goal is to outshine the competition in the industry through continual innovation and the delivery of advanced solutions. It's not just a structure – it's the crown of your success!
  • In-house production
    We take pride in having our own state-of-the-art production facility equipped with cutting-edge technology. This enables us to maintain the highest quality standards at every stage of production. We are proud of this accomplishment.
  • Turnkey project
    We offer a full range of services, from design and production to installation and maintenance. Our specialization lies in providing turnkey pneumatic structures, offering clients ready-made solutions without unnecessary hassles and concerns.

We offer a full range of services, from design and production to installation and maintenance. Our specialization lies in providing turnkey pneumatic structures, offering clients ready-made solutions without unnecessary hassles and concerns.

Our mission

Is to be a pioneer in pneumatic construction and offer our clients the world's best solutions.

Key features

Flexibility and swiftness
Ease and Speed of Assembly and Disassembly: Responding to Changing Needs and Deadlines.
For events like exhibitions, sports competitions, or festivals, quick adaptability is key. Our structures are designed for rapid assembly and disassembly, providing the flexibility to respond promptly to evolving requirements and tight schedules. Whether it's for temporary events, such as exhibitions, sports competitions, or festivals, our solutions are not only efficient but also mobile. After serving their purpose, they can be swiftly dismantled and reinstalled in another location, ensuring adaptability and efficient event planning.

Resource savings
Compared to traditional construction methods, installing and maintaining pneumatic structures requires significantly fewer materials. This substantially reduces construction costs and decreases the environmental footprint. Additionally, their lightweight nature allows for savings on transportation and installation.

Adaptability to various needs
Pneumatic structures, in turn, can take on various shapes and sizes, making them versatile for a wide range of applications. Here are some potential use cases: sports arenas, exhibition pavilions, industrial and warehouse facilities, temporary or permanent offices, and emergency residential spaces.


Inflatable Membranes and Balloons: The foundation of pneumatic structures lies in the use of inflatable membranes and balloons, providing a unique shape and sturdy structure.

Pressure Control: Our pressure management technologies allow for easy regulation of the rigidity and form of the structures, ensuring adaptability to various conditions.

High-Quality Materials and Insulation: We utilize premium materials with a density of up to 900 g/m2 made from PVC, ensuring durability and reliable insulation from atmospheric influences and temperature fluctuations.

Production capacity of 10,000 m2 per month.
Using standard sea containers worldwide.
On a flat surface within 2-4 weeks without the need for specialized equipment.
Designed for use under external conditions:
From -50…+70°C
Snow load up to 25 kg/m2
Wind gusts up to 25 m/s
Indoor Sports Facilities
Facilities for sports events can be placed either temporarily or permanently.
Port Facilities
Erecting permanent or temporary structures for logistical needs and leasing to third-party organizations without the need for capital construction.
Creating Facilities on
Drilling Sites
Temporary buildings for accommodating personnel and repair/logistics purposes.

Technology Parks

Constructing production and office facilities quickly and with minimal investments compared to conventional structures.
Manufacturing Facilities
Production facilities, farms, processing plants, warehouses for finished products, garages, and workshops for mobile transportation.
Low heat loss regardless of the external environment.
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